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Yakima Basin Storage Alliance Mission Statement

  • To launch a grass-roots campaign designed to educate and raise awareness about irrigated agriculture and its relationship with Washington state communities and economies.
  • To provide evidence demonstrating why the Yakima Basin desperately needs increased storage.
  • To illustrate that Yakima Basin economies are in jeopardy if we do not increase Yakima Basin water storage.
  • To become a resource and catalyst for storage activism, both locally and statewide.
  • To actively investigate, identify, assess, and promote storage solutions while presenting a unified, informed alliance to engage opposition.
  • To become the umbrella organization for Yakima Basin storage supporters, forging a foundation for political and social reform that will result in increased storage to benefit irrigated agriculture, in-stream flows, salmon recovery, Yakima River ecology, and Yakima Basin communities.


YakimaBasin Storage Alliance Board Members
Sid Morrison, Chairman

Charlie de La Chapelle, Vice Chair

Chuck Klarich, Secretary

Tom Carpenter, Treasurer

Paul Larson, Legal Council

Wendy Aguilar

David Bowen

Warren Dickman

John Gavin

Steve George

Martin Gregg

Ben Greko

Bob Hall

Wally Hall

Dan Hernandez

Mike Hogue

Scott Keller

Arthur (Art) King

Bill Lampson

Mike Lettig

Gary Lukehart

Rockey Marshall

Corky Mattingly

Bill McCurley

Doug Picatti

Ron Reiland

Diehl Rettig

Glenn Rick

Craig Schultz

Hank Stamschror

Roberta (Robbie) Soltz

Mel Wagner

Jim WattsContact Information


Lisa Smith
Phone: (509) 575-1140
Fax: (509) 575-1508
Chuck Klarich
Phone: (509) 854-1041

Yakima Basin Storage Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.