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YBSA Monthly Report December 2022

Storage: The volume of water in all 5 reservoirs is at 42% of average (1991-2020). The amount stored at this point in time is way below the amount stored last year. Snowpack (Snow Water Equivalent) is less than 100% in the Naches corridor and more than 110% in the upper basin.

Fish Passage: The Yakama Nation awarded about $4.8 million in grants to improve fish passage in the Yakima River Basin. Improvements in the Yakima River should improve the number of resident fish and increase the salmonoids which return up the river.

2022: It was an unusual year. Climate change affected our basin. The agricultural industry had delays and a smaller yield. Water for agriculture and fish was adequate, but more water in the Yakima River would have created a larger number of returning salmonoids.

2023: The Yakima Basin Storage Alliance wishes everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. Continued cooperation between all stakeholders will ensure successes in providing water for instream flow (fish) and out of stream use (agriculture).