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YBSA Monthly Report August 2022

Storage: The reservoirs in the Yakima Basin are at 58% of capacity. The amount of water remaining is more than last year at this time. Releases of water from the reservoir is 7 times more than intake to the reservoirs. The remaining volume of water in the reservoirs is sufficient to provide 100% of the water necessary for out of stream use.

Lower Yakima River: Minimum flow in the lower Yakima River creates hazards for fish that remain in the river and Salmonoids that return to the habitat in the upper Yakima Basin. Extremely hot temperatures have increased the water temperature so survival and passage for fish has been nearly eliminated. The runoff releases from the five reservoirs provides water for agriculture, but little water for fish passage and habitat.

Planning for the Future: The Yakima River Basin Enhancement Project (YIP) should spend its resources on improving the reliability of water to maintain sufficient levels for fish and agriculture.

Possible Drought: Increases in moisture this year has not lessened the severity of last year’s drought. Insufficient planning in California has created a trememdous problem for agriculture and lifestyle. Preparations are needed for the Yakima Basin to survive a multiyear drought. The story “Drought persists in PNW, thought it’s not as severe as last year” from the Yakima Herald points out the need to plan to do more than improving habitat. Click Here for full article.