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YBSA Monthly Report February 2022

Storage: The storage is at 77% of capacity. Lake Cle Elum is at 69%. Intake to the 5 reservoirs is at 58% and releases are at 96%. Snow water equivalent in both the Upper Basin and Naches Basin is at 85%.

The Bureau of Reclamation reported that the Yakima Basin water supply is in good shape for the 2022 season. The reservoirs are three-quarters full. One-third of the water from storage and two-thirds of the water from melting snowpack provides the water needed for agriculture and instream flow.

Project Information: At Lake Cle Elum construction will start on the down stream adult collection project to catch the fish returning up the Cle Elum River to truck them to Lake Cle Elum.

A study of fish passage from the mouth of the Yakima River up to Roza Dam will continue. Previous studies show a very low passage of returning salmonoids is due to warm water in the lower Yakima River and diversion dams. More instream flow would improve passage.

Wapato Irrigation Project: The Yakama Nation has been awarded additional water to serve all the lands that were not allocated in the Yakima Basin water distribution plan. The Bureau of Reclamation needs to address this issue.

Lake Kachess: The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking comments on the draft environmental assessment for the Kachess Dam safety project. The assessment looks to maintain water deliveries throughout the Yakima Basin, minimize impacts to the environment, and maintain water flow for endangered species. The proposed modifications address issues important to the long-term functionality.

The draft Environmental Assessment analyzes two actions:

  • Proposed Action: Reduce long-term performance risks by constructing an access road; preparing the site to develop staging areas to support construction and long-term maintenance; extend and line the conduit; and install a filter and stabilization berm.
  • No Action Alternative: Do not reduce risk by performing the improvements listed in the Proposed Action

The draft Environmental Assessment is available at

The Bureau and Roza Irrigation District continue to evaluate the proposed drought relief project which would provide additional water by drawing down Lake Kachess another 80 feet. Once the water has been withdrawn, how will the water flow, habitat and the environment be maintained below Kachess Dam?