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YBSA Monthly Report January 2022

YBSA Monthly Report
January 2022

Storage: The five reservoirs are at 68% capacity which is 130% of average. The average snow water equivalent for the upper basin is at 95% and the Naches basin is at 99%.

Project update: No new information on Lake Cle Elum and Lake Kachess progress. Fish passage in the lower Yakima River has not improved nor has any reliable solution been discussed.

Pump Storage: Using pump storage is the best solution.

  • • It would increase the available water during droughts to meet the needs of irrigation water both on the Roza and Wapato irrigation needs.
  • • Pump storage also would increase the flow in the Yakima River to provide enough water for fish passage and survival.
  • • Having the water from pump storage would create an opportunity to recharge the flood plain to enhance ground water availability.
  • • It would provide storage of water to provide a battery to assist in the distribution of electrical power to cover the loss of electrical generation.
  • • The Integrated plan needs to appoint another committee in the planning process to review the valuable use of pump storage.
  • • See for examples of the value of increasing the renewable production.