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YBSA Monthly Report September 2021

YBSA Monthly Report
September 2021

Storage: Capacity in all 5 reservoirs is at 32% which is a little better than average. The amount of water stored in Lake Cle Elum is low to complete the fish passage project.

Irrigation: Water stored water in the 5 reservoirs will end near the middle of October. The Bureau of Reclamation will determine the water released for instream flow and the water to be retained in the reservoirs for next year’s needs.

Planning for 2022 Water Year: Climate changes and the fires have changed the normal procedure for providing the water needed for instream and out of stream flow in the Yakima River. Millions have been spent, but very little increase in the water needed has been achieved. The headwaters of the Columbia River in Canada have been receiving the snowpack and rains. Columbia River water needs to be an option to provide the water for the Yakima Basin. Continued planning to increase the water in the 5 reservoirs may not provide adequate water for the future.

Project Update: Lake Cle Elum fish passage continues which will allow fish to move from the lake to the Cle Elum River. There is still no natural way for the salmonoids to return up the river and reach the lake.

Lake Kachess project is still on hold without any decision made.

There has been continued funding of habitat and watershed improvements with little water for fish to return and survive in the Yakima Basin.

Pinpointing the costs of projects that have been proposed and completed to increase the water supply in the Yakima Basin need to identify with a description of the benefits and amount of water supply.

Lower Yakima River: Low flows and warm water continues to damage fish survival and passage in the Yakima River. A report shows that after more than 10 years lower numbers of salmon and sockeye are returning.