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YBSA Monthly Report July 2021

Storage: The 5 reservoirs are at 77% of average, which is average for this time of year. Water released from the reservoirs is 5 times greater than the intake flow. 6136 acre-feet of water is being released from the 5 reservoirs but only 663 acre-feet of water in the lower Yakima River near Prosser.

Lake Cle Elum Fish Passage Project: The project to retain juvenile salmon from the Lake to the Cle Elum River is progressing. Additional shoreline protection and contracts with lake shore ones continues.

Integrated Plan: The next faze of the Integrated Plan for the Yakima Basin Plan is to provide a reliable water supply that meets the needs of people and the environment for the Yakima Valley.

Sunnyside Sun Article: Click Here for a guest column in the Sunnyside Sun, “Ensuring Water Supply for Generations to Come” by Representative Dan Newhouse. He supports the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan. It includes additional water in the Yakima Basin for out of stream flow and instream flow for fish. A reliable water supply that meets the needs of both people and the environment in the Yakima Valley is crucial.

Yakima River Flow: The flow in the lower Yakima River is low. There are areas of green algae in numerous spots created by the heat causing very warm river water.

Snow Melt: The runoff from snow melt is almost all gone, and the reservoirs only have sufficient water for irrigation purposes.

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