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YBSA Monthly Report June 2021

YBSA Monthly Report

June 2021

Storage: As of the end of June all reservoirs are full. Irrigation supply could continue to be available at 100% depending on the temperature.

Yakima River: Flow in the Yakima River is low and the high water temperature is hazardous to fish survival. With the air temperature to remain above 90° for the next two weeks, water flow in the river may need to be increased to reduce the temperature of the water. Yakima Basin Spring runoff was insufficient to recharge the shallow aquifers so any return flow to the river comes from hot surface runoff with very little from groundwater.

Yakima Basin Integrated Plan: The goal for the Yakima Basin included additional water storage for agriculture and fish. Saving sockeye and bull trout in the basin had not been improved due to insufficient water supply.