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YBSA Monthly Report January 2021

Storage: The 5 reservoirs are at 55% of capacity. Lake Cle Elum Reservoir, the largest reservoir, is 45% full. Snowpack in the Cascades, which provides the water for both instream flow and irrigation use, has snow water equivalent of 98%. In early March the Bureau of Reclamation will announce their estimates for water availability for 2021 water year.

Water for the Yakima Basin: Transferring water from the Columbia River to provide water for both the Sunnyside and Roza Irrigation Districts would enhance the water for the agricultural industry and provide more water in the Yakima River for instream flow for fish and improve the groundwater amount.

Returning Salmonoids: As reported in the Wenatchee World, Salmon are spawning in the upper Columbia River for the first time in years. See The flow in the Columbia River has provided the opportunity for salmon to return in greater numbers. If the flow in the Yakima river was increased, a greater instream flow of cooler water would allow the salmon to return in greater numbers in the Yakima River.