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YBSA Monthly Report December 2020

YBSA Monthly Report

December 2020

Storage: The five reservoirs are at 46% of capacity which is just above normal for this time of year. For the last month, inflow of water into the reservoirs is greater than the amount released which is needed to maintain stream flow in the Yakima River.

Integrated Plan Goal: The Integrated Plan goal is additional water for fish and agriculture and improving habitat. Completed projects have not improved the water situation in the Yakima Basin. The Integrated Plan Work Group is looking for a new project-very little discussion about providing new water for instream flow for fish or out of stream use for agriculture.

Salmonoids: Sockeye and other fish are staying in the Columbia River at the mouth of the Yakima river waiting for more and cool water to attempt a return up the Yakima River. Studies continue to find methods to solve the problem.

Columbia River Water: Making new water available for Sunnyside and Roza Irrigation Districts would make more water available in the Yakima Basin which would improve all the projects with enough water for fish and the environment.

YBSA wishes everyone a happy holiday season and a prosperous and happy new year.