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YBSA Monthly Report November 2020

Storage: Water stored in the 5 reservoirs is at 40% of capacity which is above average for this time of year. Lake Cle Elum Reservoir is being kept below normal so the fish passage facility can be completed.

Agriculture: Another good year for agricultural production, harvesting and processing. Management of water available in the Yakima Basin was sufficient for the agricultural industry. Climate change, high winds and smoke created problems during the growing season. The pandemic took its toll on the population, but a successful year was completed.

Lake Cle Elum Fish Passage: The juvenile fish passage over Lake Cle Elum Dam is progressing. When completed the fish will be able to leave the reservoir to move downstream from April 1st through the beginning of June. Catch and haul fish from the base of the dam up to the lake will continue when fish are available.

Sockeye Update: In 2018 a Sockeye tracking program was started. In 2019 20 fish were tagged and made it from Roza Dam to Lake Cle Elum Dam. Another study started in 2019 that began tracking Sockeye passage in the lower Yakima river from the mouth of the Yakima River to Roza Dam. Fish passage was found to be extremely low due to the low flow and high temperatures in the Yakima River.

Bull Trout: A program to catch and haul young Bull Trout from the low water in the Kachess River and Cold Creek is continuing. Each year some are moved upstream, and some are placed in a hatchery and later moved to the natural streams.

Water for the Yakima Basin: With an annual concern for water the need to look toward the mighty Columbia River would benefit agricultural and fish and our economy would boom.