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YBSA Monthly Report June 2020

YBSA Monthly Report
June 2020

Storage: The 5 reservoirs are at 94% full. Water from the reservoirs is now being used to meet the need for instream flow and out-of-stream use (storage control). With the snowpack being depleted, storage will provide the water necessary in the Yakima Basin for the rest of the irrigation season.

Lower Yakima River: With hot temperatures approaching the Yakima Basin this summer, more water will be released from the reservoirs to meet the requirements for instream flow. Surface water returning to the Yakima River in the lower valley will increase the water temperature which is hazardous to fish.

Pump Storage: With pump storage, stored water becomes available for generation of electricity, agricultural usage, and instream flow for fish. At the present time, with the economy slowing down and the need for electricity lessening, power generation needs have been reduced because there is no way to store the electricity long term for future needs. To store the extra electricity that is available, water could be delivered to a pump storage facility which would become a safety net for future needs. The electrical power production from the release of the stored water would assist the electrical grid to prevent a brownout.