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YBSA Monthly Report July 2020

Reservoir Storage: The 5 reservoirs are at 74% capacity which is average for this time of year. With the hot summer the reservoirs receive 120 cubic feet per second (cfs) and are releasing 5900 cfs for instream flow and out of stream use. Lake Cle Elum is 66% full. Precipitation at the 5 reservoirs for the month of July is less than 1 inch.

Endangered Fish: The fish in the Lower Yakima River may not be able to survive due to the low flow in the lower Yakima River and the extreme heat. Salmonoids are in danger of dying unless more water can be added to the river. Climate change is creating an increase in need in finding a way to put more water in the Yakima River year-round.

Sockeye: For those who are interested see the article Tracking Sockeye: Fish Passage Study Salmon in the Yakima River-Research on fish could lead to new projects in the Yakima River Basin from the Yakima Herald-Republic from Monday, July 6, 2020 CLICK HERE.