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YBSA Monthly Report April 2020

Storage: Reservoirs are at 70% capacity, which is a little less than average at this time of the year. The reservoirs (lake) are filling with water at a much faster rate than the amount of water being released. Snow water equivalent in the upper basin is at 77% ana 97% in the lower basin.

Lake Cle Elum: Along with the work that is continuing on the hole to install the Helix, other projects need to be completed prior to increasing the size of the lake.

Sockeye Update: Primary results from the first year’s study found very low migration moving up the Yakima River due to high water temperature in the lower river.

Lake Kachess Pumping Plant: The project with Roza Irrigation District working along with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Ecology is currently developing a new proposed action. One question needs to be addressed: who gets water when Lake Kachess does not fill?

Habitat: Habitat improvement in the Yakima Basin continues along in the river’s mainstream flood plain enhancement and tributary improvements. Improvements can only be successful when the Yakima Basin has adequate instream flow for fish and additional water for irrigation:

Yakima Basin Storage Alliance appreciates all the efforts made during this difficult time. Stay home, stay safe . . . We are all in this together!