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YBSA Monthly Report, February 2019

YBSA Monthly Report

February 2019

Water Storage in Yakima Basin: The Teacup graph of the present amount of water storage in the Yakima Basin is at 47% of capacity. Precipitation at the five reservoirs for February 1 to date is 27.88 inches, or 121% of average and 108% of the month’s average. Precipitation for the Water Year to date (October 1 to February 25) is 154.25 inches, or 97% of average. Another round of winter weather expected through the week, snow and colder weather expected through the week, snow and colder weather expected. Snow water equivalent (SWE) for the Upper Yakima Basin are reporting 81% of average and Lower Basin sites are at 99% of average.

Current Stored Water in the Yakima Basin: The Bureau of Reclamation water year graph of stored water in the Yakima Basin is more then 200,000 acre/feet less than last year.

Integrated Plan: The Yakima River Basin Integrated Plan has been listed as the way to solve the water problem that exists in other areas in the United States. So far, after 10 years, we still have not been able to improve fish passage in the Yakima River or provide additional stored water. So, we want to see if the plan can meet our goals.

Legislation: Legislation has been prepared to provide additional funding for the Integrated Plan.

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