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YBSA Monthly Report, September 2018

YBSA Monthly Report

September 2018

 Lake Kachess Drought Relief Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) received around 6000 letters with comments on the Lake Keechelus-to-Lake Kachess pumping project. The BOR staff is still working to respond to the concerns. A record of decision will be determined when the EIS review is completed.

Lake Cle Elum Fish Passage: Construction is continuing on time. A tunnel is being constructed for fish passage to return the fish form the lake to the Cle Elum river. The Yakama Nation will continue the catch and transport of fish from the river to Lake Cle Elum. Estimated construction cost is $20 to make the additional 14,000 acre/feet available for fish. Expected completion is 2023.

Lower Yakima River: A lower river subcommittee of the Integrated Plan Work Group is continuing to develop plans for returning salmonoids to pass through the lower part of the Yakima River. Studies are continuing to attempt to identify where cool ground water will be available for fish survival. The study includes a person floating the lower river looking for cool water in a hot summer for the returning salmon to find spots to use the “Hop-Scotch” method moving from cool spots to cool spots and return up the river. The warm water in the lower Yakima River has created locations with floating moss. Cool water is available when the Yakima Basin water supply recharges the alluvial ground water.

Fish Hatchery: The Yakama Nation is building a new fish hatchery near Ellensburg to help restore a coho salmon runs.

Water Storage: The 5 reservoirs are at 25% of capacity which is slightly below average for this time of year. Irrigation water is normally curtailed in the middle of October. Carryover of stored water in the reservoirs is important for having adequate water for 2019.