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YBSA Monthly Report September, 2017

YBSA Monthly Report
September, 2017

Water Adjudication: The adjudication process to determine who has a water right and how much water is to be concluded in December after decades of study and meetings. Everyone had an opportunity to have your questions answered in a meeting at the Department of Ecology headquarters in Yakima. The final report is being prepared.

Integrated Plan Update: Cle Elum fish project will take 5-7 years to complete once the money is available.
There will be no new funding for the Integrated Plan project without a capital budget.

Roza Water Storage: The Roza Irrigation District has completed a storage facility in the Lower Yakima Valley. It holds 3-4 days of water to be used in the lower system.

Columbia Basin Hydropower: See the link for information on hydropower projects operating in irrigation in the Columbia Basin.


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