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YBSA Monthly Report June, 2017

YBSA Monthly Report

June, 2017

Federal Allocation: It was reported at the June 21st Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project Work Group Meeting that the Feds allocated a total of $16.8 million, $4 million for fish and $4 million for conservation.

EIS Lake Kachess: The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the drawdown of Lake Kachess using a floating pump system is still being prepared. Due to the number of changes from the first EIS distributed 2 years ago, an amended EIS will be distributed for comment soon.

Economic Study Report: A report on the draft of the economic study was given by members of the subcommittee. It is still being refined. The study will evaluate the effect on the basin’s economy with all the storage projects completed: pumping water from the original Lake Kachess, enlarging the reservoir at Bumping Lake, building a reservoir in the Yakima River Canyon by pumping water to the reservoir, and improvements at Lake Keechelus and Rimrock. The pool raise at Lake Cle Elum will be used for fish passage and additional instream flow for fish.

Presentation After Work Group: After the Integrated Plan Work Group meeting ended a presentation was made by Jay Schwartz and Bill Campbell on the effects of the Kachess pumping project. They presented a different review of the water available annually from Lake Kachess and a cost benefit analysis. Also, a panel of Roza farmers discussed the need for additional water and how drought years affect agriculture.

To see the Ellensburg Record story, “Lake Kachess Project Debated at Water Plan Meeting” Click Here

Pump Storage of Water: Pump storage of water from the Columbia River for irrigation was and still is an important solution to addressing drought conditions.


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