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YBSA Monthly Report March, 2017

YBSA Monthly Report

February, 2017

Teanaway Community Forest: Summer projects:

    • Fencing along creeks
    • Lick creek improvement for fish passage
    • Wildfire defense by trimming and other forest management
  • • Floodplain management along creeks


Funding Update: The Department of Natural Resources is requesting $2 million for operating and capital projects for the next 2 years. Funds would be used to support fish and wildlife restoration which is one of the objectives of the Yakima River Basin Integrated Plan.

Proposed State Budget Requests: The State Department of Ecology 2017-2019 state budget proposal for funding the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan include:

  • Habitat at $5.4 million
  • Fish passage at Cle Elum Dam $9 million and Clear Lake Dam $1.5 million
  • Structural and operational modifications: Cle Elum poos raise $3 million
  • Surface water storage: Lake Kachees drawdown $2.4 million and Wymer or Bumping $3 million
  • Groundwater storage $1.1 million
  • Water conservation: Ag projects $5 million and municipal and domestic $0.1 million
  • General support for market and banking $0.6 million

Total requested $31.1 million

The Department of Natural Resources requested $1.5 million

Update on Water Storage and Availability: Storage in the 5 reservoirs is at 62% which is 100% of average. Water available in the snowpack above the reservoirs is estimated to be able to fill all 5 reservoirs.

Snow water equivalent for the Upper Yakima Basin is at 105% of average and the lower basin is at 108% of average.

The new updated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Lake Kachess pumping plan is expected to be available by June 1st. Many changes in the proposed drawdown of the Lake have delayed the final EIS.

Lake Cle Elum fish passage is continuing this spring. Completion will depend on the amount of funding available.


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