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YBSA Monthly Report February, 2017

YBSA Monthly Report

February, 2017

Water Report: Storage in the 5 reservoirs is at 50% of capacity which is 92% of average (1981-2010). Precipitation for the water year (Oct. 1 to Feb 26) is at 95% of average. Snow water equivalent for the upper Yakima Basin is 86% of average and the lower basin is at 98%. USBR will announce a water supply forecast for 2017 on March 6.

Irrigation season will begin in March. The exact day will be determined by the need to start irrigating as determined by the Irrigation Districts Board of Directors.

WSDA: The Washington State Department of Agriculture report on the economic impact of the 2015 drought:

  •  Losses in the Roza Irrigation District are estimated at just under $77 million
  •  Losses in the KRD was above $11 million
  •  Losses in the WIP was about $32 million


  • Statewide losses between $633 to $773 million


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