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Integrated Plan

The Integrated Plan was Developed to Meet the Needs for a Comprehensive Approach to Water Supply Management:

To restore ecological functions in the Yakima River system and to provide more reliable and sustainable water resources for the health of the riverine environment, and for agriculture, municipal and domestic needs.  The Integrated Plan is also intended to provide the flexibility and adaptability to address potential climate changes and other factors that may affect the basin’s water resources in the future.

Integrated Plan Goals:

Provide opportunities for comprehensive ecological restoration and enhancement addressing instream flows, aquatic habitat, and fish passage;

Improve water supply reliability during drought years;

Develop a comprehensive approach for efficient management of water supplies for irrigated agriculture, municipal and domestic uses, and power generation;

Improve the ability of water managers to respond and adapt to potential effects of climate change; and

Contribute to the vitality of the regional economy and sustain the riverine environment.

Below is a link to the Integrated Plan

YBSA’s Comments on the Integrated Plan