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YBSA Monthly Report May 2023

Storage: Total storage in the 5 reservoirs is at 86% capacity which is at average for this time of year. Reservoir content is at 920,000 acre/feet. Inflow to the 5 reservoirs is at 77% of average and release is at 93%. Unregulated flow in the Yakima River at Parker is at 69% and regulated flow is at 50% of average.

Pulse flow from Lake Cle Elum will release about 10,000 acre/feet to benefit seasonal migration of salmon smolts. There is no report on the amount of cubic feet per second of water flowing in the Cle Elum River below the dam.

Salmon Runs: Smaller spring run prompts fishing closure for Yakamas, other tribes on Columbia River as reported in the Yakima Herald, May 21, 2023. “Spring tribal fisheries were closed Thursday on the Columbia River after it was determined that fewer fish are returning this spring than initially predicted.” Click Here for full article

Irrigation: The diversion of water from the Yakima River is providing 100% of the water necessary for the agriculture industry in the Yakima Basin.