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YBSA Monthly Report April 2022

Storage: The five reservoirs are at 87% capacity. The water graph shows a slight reduction in volume in storage. The amount of water in Rimrock is at 57%.

Water Forecast: Snowpack in the Naches & upper basin show an average water content. Snow melt is the main source of water for instream flow and to maintain an adequate volume of water for agricultural in the basin.
Each Spring, high river flows help to increase the groundwater captured in the alluvial flood plain. High flows of water have not been present in the rivers this year. Click Here for full story.

Climate Change: The United States Drought Monitor shows droughts persist in Eastern Washington. The Yakima Basin continues to be the hardest hit with less water available. With less water available in the Central Cascade Range, other sources will be needed to continue the instream flow for fish and the out of stream use for agriculture to maintain and improve the Yakima Basin’s economy. Click Here to see full story.