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YBSA Monthly Report November 2022

Storage: Current reservoir storage is at 39%. It is less than last year at this time and is at average compared to the last several years.

River flow: The flow in the Yakima River continues to be low. Irrigation season is over so return flow to the lower Yakima River does not help increase the volume.

Meeting with Bureau of Reclamation (BOR): Five members of the Yakima Basin Storage Alliance (YBSA) met with Tom Tebb, Ecology, Wendy Christensen, Yakima BOR, and Jennifer Karrington, Northwest Regional Director from BOR Idaho, who attended through Zoom. Charlie de La Chapelle presented a detailed report on the progress made over the years in the Yakima River Basin on water issues. He emphasized the need for an annual supply of water for agriculture and fish. Improvements have been made, but there needs to be a better way to provide additional water to the basin including the use of the Columbia River. Bob Hall pointed out how important water is to the area since the economy is based on how our supply of water supports businesses, industries, and families.

YBSA applauds BOR for their efforts to solve the needs of the Yakima River Basin. Conservation, habitat improvements, and fish passage including the catch and haul of salmonoids have greatly enhanced the Yakima Basin. The Yakima Basin still needs additional water to ensure the Basin’s way of life.