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YBSA Monthly Report, December 2018

YBSA Monthly Report

December 2018

Happy New Year: YBSA wishes everyone Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Honoree: Congratulations to Phil Rigdon who has been honored for his continued efforts to improve environmental conditions, conservation projects, and water supply for the Yakima Basin.

Integrated Plan Water Supply Projects: Water supply, which is one of the goals of the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, is still a long way from being met. All proposed projects in the Yakima Basin, except the Lake Kachess Drawdown, have not been identified as cost effective or feasible. Information on activities since the Integrated Plan was adopted in 2013 can be found in a publication “Welcome to the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan highlights”.

Salmon Recovery: 7 Grants awarded were awarded in Kittitas County for projects totaling $1,172,830. Grants were awarded to the Yakama Nation, Kittitas County Conservation District, Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group, and Washington Water Trust.

Water Supply: The 5 reservoirs are at 38% of capacity. The amount in storage is less than the average for this time of year and quite a bit less then this time last year. Weather patterns and climate change project less snowpack for the Yakima Basin. The pattern continues to provide moisture in the northern part of Washington and in Canada which provides the water for the Columbia River.

YBSA’s 2019 New Year Wish List:

  1. Columbia River Water 800,000 a/f for irrigation in the Yakima Basin.
  2. Water not needed form the 5 basin reservoirs for irrigation be used for salmon recovery and instream flow.
  3. Ability to recharge the acquirers in the Basin for irrigation and potable wells with some of the water for the floodplain.

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